The ability to be present is foundational for spiritual practice. Even if we have the highest aspirations for our spiritual growth, if we’re unable to be present, we’re like the fisherman who tries to paddle into the lake while his boat is still tied to the dock: we won’t get very far. But if we can learn to fully experience life just as it is, if we can let go of mental commentary and feel the aliveness of the present moment, we can begin to know a profound freedom from our self-inflicted suffering. Through the practice of presence we can access deeper states of wisdom, compassion, and non-dual awareness.

In this five-day retreat, we’ll explore three related practices to help us cultivate and sustain presence: Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons, meditation, and mindful poetry discussions.

You’ll learn:

—how to experience a greater sense of grounding in the body

—how to maintain continuity of attention

—how to move with more ease and awareness

—how to let go of past/future thinking

—how to engage poetry as expression of and invitation to presence

—and more

We’ll be using The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy, and The Dharma of Poetry. Copies will be provided for those who don’t already have the books.

In addition to our practice sessions, we’ll have ample free time for walking in the forest of giant cedar trees that surrounds the center and for quiet reflection/integration. The food at Alton Collins is excellent—healthy, fresh, and delicious—and the staff goes above and beyond to accommodate all dietary restrictions and preferences. Single and double rooms are available.

Participation is limited, so please register early if you’d like to join. Let us know if you have any questions.

For pricing and to register click here. (Prices are for rooms and meals, and does not include optional donations for teachers. We’re happy to work with anyone who needs financial assistance.)


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