“The greatest gift we can give our world is our full presence, and our choice, moment by moment, to stay present.” —Joanna Macy

When we’re fully present, even for a moment, we find the stillness and peace we long for are always already right here, waiting for us. Such moments can be a refuge, a safe haven from the anxiety of accelerating change and collective trauma we are all living through right now. They can also be, as Joanna Macy says, our greatest gift to the world.

But being present isn’t easy. In this five-day retreat, we’ll explore three related practices—Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, meditation, and mindful poetry discussions—that strengthen our capacity to stay present even in the midst of challenging conditions. Unwinding habitual ways of moving, resting in the stillness of mediation, and engaging with poems not as puzzles to be figured out but as rich experiences to be enjoyed, all help orient us toward the present moment.

For our poetry discussions, we’ll draw on two of John’s books: The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy and The Dharma of Poetry: How Poems Can Deepen Your Spiritual Practice and Open You to Joy.


             The distant mountains
             are reflected in the eye
             of the dragonfly



Feel free to contact me with any questions. We hope you can join us! You can register here.


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